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"Bayer Pharmaceuticals needed an immediate nationwide drug recal of Baycol, we turned to Global Printing & Packaging. Global Printing & Packaging printed 500,000+ drug recall letters and envelopes, and had them in the mail in 48 hours. In our industry (pharmaceuticals) the pressure to perform perfectly and quickly is magnified by the sometimes enormous stakes involved. As a supplier to 18 of the top 20 drug companies we have to be very selective in our choice of vendors. Global Printing & Packaging has consistently performed superbly and we give them our strong recommendation."
Scott Puzia Pharmaceuticals Direct, Inc.

"We are an extremely busy and demanding shop, with a multitude of high-end printing needs. Global Printing & Packaging has always delivered the highest quality work at the fairest prices, with the quickest turnaround times-even under the most demanding circumstances. With that they have become one of our most trusted vendors and without a doubt our preferred printer."
Bill Kispert Marketing Director Cytodyne Technologies

"We were printing 400,000, 96page catalogs-our biggest print job of the year. During this time we were also in the midst of moving to a larger warehouse. We gave Global Printing & Packaging the new address to print on all the order forms, which we later proofed and approved. Unknown to us, after we approved the proofs, our Global Printing & Packaging account executive took the order forms to the post office in the town we were moving to, to confirm the addresses deliverability. Unbelievebly the address was not correct -- all of our potential orders would have been "returned to sender." We needed to use the zip code of an adjacent towns post office that served our industrial park. This measure saved our company hundreds of thousands of dollars. We are thankful to have Global Printing & Packaging expertise working for us."
K.K. VP Sales A major NJ based Direct Marketer


Buying Offshore Info – Freight

Importing and exporting can be hard to navigate on your own. There are many freight terms used around international trade that are commonly misunderstood by entities new to the process. Some overseas companies take advantage of this lack of understanding by quoting a price based on “will-call.” Or worse, they will just ship your product to the port of export and expect your company to handle the rest. Here are some delivery terms that may be included within your direct-buy quote.

  • EXW : This acronyms stands for Ex Works, with Ex meaning “from” and Works meaning “factory” or “mill.” In this case the goods are made available from the factory only, meaning the buyer is responsible for loading the goods on truck or container at the seller's premises, and for the subsequent costs and risks.
  • FOB : This acronym means “Free on Board.” There are two types of FOB:
    • FOB Origin means that your product will be shipped to the port of export and you will be responsible for all subsequent transportation, oceanic and then domestic. If you have frequent, high-volume orders, this may be an idea shipping situation for you. If you’re only doing a one-time order, the amount of paperwork you’ll have to endure will not be worth the cost savings resulting in direct-buy printing.
    • FOB Destination means the seller is responsible for the freight and other costs and risks until the goods are delivered to the buyer's premises, which may include the import customs clearance and payment of import customs duties and taxes at the buyer's country, depending on the agreement between the buyer and seller.
  • CIF : This acronym stands for Cartage, Insurance and Freight – it is used for ocean freight only. The cargo insurance and delivery of goods to the named port of destination (discharge) at the seller's expense. Buyer is responsible for the import customs clearance and other costs and risks.
  • DDU : The term ""DDU"" stands for “Delivery Duty Unpaid.” With this kind of shipping, the product will be shipped directly to the buyer (all transportation costs included) with the buyer accountable for Duty fees.
  • DDP : The term ""DDP"" includes shipping to the buyer with duty paid for by the shipper (factory or trading company). DDP is generally offered with large-quantity orders, and is the most secure for U.S. customers.
  • Remember that when you’re importing goods from overseas, you are assuming all of the risk. When you work with Global Printing & Packaging, we assume the risk. We complete all of the paperwork, shipping and distribution for you. We take all of the hassle out of international shipping. We are a U.S. based company that has been in business for over 40 years – operating under the same laws as you and your company.

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