Ball Package


Ball Package


Many good things are evolved from existing things, and structural packaging design is a good example. Our major Sporting goods customer had a favorite ball package design. Box-like, but with windowed on front, back and sides. The package let the eye see the product colors and materials, while letting the round ball be stackable.


Our customer was seeing creasing at the frame surrounding the product. When the frames were bent, the package looked suspect…was the product dropped? Was it damaged and returned? It raised doubt in a consumer’s mind and we feared that store buyers would be hesitant to stock the product.


We studied the design and offered a variant that used column-like structures to frame the windows. The same product visibility is there, but in a more robust structure that says, “this product is new and protected”. The customer was very pleased and is now implementing the package structure on ten of their best-selling products.

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