Miss Maude’s Bar of Chocolates


Miss Maude’s Bar of Chocolates


Miss Maude’s Bar of Chocolates needed to communicate the unique chocolate bar that features eight different squares of flavors in a single bar.


Developed packaging that housed the chocolate bar within a box that can easily be viewed at the store. The packaging features a box that houses a tray that you pull out with a little ribbon. The tray reveals the chocolate bar, in clear plastic. To give each box a premium look and feel, Miss Maude’s opted for extra-thick paper and foil along with ink.


Global Printing worked with Jessica on a box that stayed closed and had the right price point for Miss Maude’s.

“Working with Lori at Global Printing and Packaging has been amazing, she is such a good partner. She does some graphic design, and she comes up with really cool ideas.”

– Jessica, Miss Maude’s

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