As they grew, MonDevices needed to make their packaging stand out more. They first came to Global Printing for a small, simple packaging design to house their monitor and ship it safely to campaign supporters. But when it came time to place their product in retail stores, MonDevices needed something more substantial to better inform their customers once they held the product in their hands. 


The original small box Global Printing created for MonDevices had a clamshell plastic tray inside and a window die-cut that showed where the button is properly placed on the baby. When they decided to revamp the packaging, the solution came in the form of a bigger box, about 9” x 6” x 3”, with a gatefold book flap on the front. Inside the book flap, there was more room to explain how MonBaby works and what it does.


With the added space, Global Printing was also able to help MonDevices answer other customer concerns based on feedback from their first year in the retail space. More info could be provided to give consumers a better idea of exactly what they were purchasing.

“That’s the nice thing about Global, I give them something and they can turn it around really quickly, so I don’t have to worry about it.”

– Jason Sussman, operations manager for MonDevices

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