Spray Package


Spray Package


A company specializing in sprayers came to us for a new project. Our design request was to show as much as possible for a new product: a battery powered sprayer for plants. The idea is that any bottle or container with a standard sized cap could benefit from this product, pumping not required. The prospect for our customer was to place the product on shelf at the world’s largest retailer.


The client’s graphics had some basic concepts that we evolved into the 3d solution. There were two main parts to package, that had different heights, especially if shown through windows. We made a custom package that housed the two main components, using cutouts to capture and show the product.


Between the visuals of the cutouts and the graphics, the new product idea can be quickly grasped. The split-level front of the package also draws consumer attention. We designed locking tabs and the customer used security seals for a theft deterrent.

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